Talk on Crime Prevention

Praxis Learning and Training Centre organised a talk on crime prevention and social symptoms at its New World Plaza office in Jalan Foo Yet Kai, Ipoh recently. The talk was conducted by ACP Suresh Kumar, the Deputy Head of the Crime Prevention and Community Safety Department of the Perak Police Contingent.

Besides teaching youths that crime does not pay, the talk was also aimed at motivating youths, especially those from the Indian community in Ipoh, to indulge themselves in activities that are beneficial to their community.

Some 80 participants took part in the day-long talk. In attendance were Prof Dr R. Rajakrishnan, CEO of Praxis and members of the Perak Tamil Youth Bell Club.

Readers wishing to know more about Praxis Learning and Training Centre can call the centre at 05 249 6187/6188 or visit its website:


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