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Mothers’ day celebration around the world

Just like other festivals, Mother’s day is celebrated around the world. We listed 8 countries that celebrates Mother’s Day in their own unique way.

United Kingdom 

The celebration was said to begin as early as 17th century and it was called, ‘Mothering Sunday’. Researchers believed that it was called such because of the practice of Christianity from the 16th century of visiting one’s ‘Mother Church’ annually on Laetare Sunday (Fourth Sunday of the season of Lent in the Christian liturgical calendar)

However, due to time, work and role changes over the years and a slight influence from America, the celebration has changed to a day of showing appreciation to one’s mother. But one tradition remained, the traditional cake made specially on mothers’ day: the Mothering cake also known as Simmel cake; a rich almond cake.


Falling on the second Sunday of May, Mothers’ Day is declared as a national holiday in America. The celebration started all the way back during the early 1900’s when Anna Jarvis (the Suffragette) directly proposed her idea to the president of United States, Woodrow Wilson after she gained initial support for the establishment of Mother’s Day.

Gifts and flower giving have become a tradition among Americans alongside with going out for dinner. What started from Jarvis’ intention to fight for women’s rights, has become one of the most commercialised celebration in America.


Similar to Americans, Australians also celebrate mother’s day on the second Sunday of May. In fact, Australia’s celebration is said to be rooted from United States and United Kingdom. The tradition of giving presents however started from a campaign by Janet Heyden, a resident of Leichhardt Sydney in 1924. Uniquely, in Australia, on Mother’s Day, children will give their mothers coloured carnations as a symbol of appreciation. For a deceased mother, white carnations are the flowers of choice. Other than flowers, mothers also receive chocolates and presents.


The first Mother’s Day celebrated in Mexico was held on May 10, 1922. The celebration suffered a backlash from a few religious institutions when the poster of Madonna and Child was displayed on Mother’s Day. Over the years, churches will organise the event. ‘Las Mananitas’ (Mexican Birthday song) will  be played and the church will distribute ‘tamale’ and ‘atole’ to the children to be given to their mothers.


Unlike other countries, Spain celebrates Mother’s day on December 8. The day to pay tribute to the Virgin Mary also falls on the same day. Thus, it includes religious ceremonies and celebrations across the country.


Mother’s Day was celebrated on the second day of the fourth month of the lunar calendar every year, but it is now gradually being celebrated on the second Sunday of May. In 1997, Mother’s Day was focused on helping impoverished mothers and to remind others about less fortunate mothers in rural areas of China. On Mother’s Day, carnations and other types of flowers are given.

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