Celebrating Mother’s Day

In order to appreciate all mothers and to honour motherhood, Maya Malar, Director of MBG Event and Poongothai, President of Pertubuhan Setia Kasih Wanita Perak organised a Mother’s Day celebration themed, ‘My Mother My Inspiration’ at Symphony Suites Hotel on Saturday, May 2.
“My mother is my best friend. She’s always the one I go to with my problems. I can talk to her about anyone and anything and she listens to me, gives me advice without judging me,” said Aruna Raj Devarajoo, about her mother, Sarojiny Devi, 61, at the celebration.
“Most parents don’t encourage their daughters to get into a field like acting. However, I faced no such problem simply because my mother understands how the industry works, what my schedule would be like and my need for independence. I didn’t even have to worry about getting my father’s permission to start acting because my mother spoke on my behalf,” said Aruna.
“When kids are young, mothers are playmates and disciplinarians. As they enter their teens, mothers become advice-givers and even confidantes. But now when I am 61 and my daughter is 31 we’re best friends simply because our relationship has matured with time,” opined Sarojiny Devi.

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