Interaction Day for International Students

More than 50 international students took part in the Interaction Day. The full time and exchange students came from countries as diverse as Hong Kong, China, Pakistan, the United States of America, Canada, Kenya, Sudan, South Sudan, Nigeria, Uzbekistan, Germany, Myanmar, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, and Iran. Some of the international students came with their family.

“It is fun to be present at such a gathering where I am able to meet students from different parts of the world,” said Manan Ahmed, a UTAR Master of Engineering Science student.

When asked what influenced his decision to study in UTAR, Manan said, “I am already working in Malaysia and I feel that a Master in Engineering would give me good career advancement prospects. I did some research on universities in Malaysia, and found that UTAR is a top tier university with good facilities, affordable fees and a reputation for research excellence.

The day included ice-breaking games and interaction activities for the students to make new friends and for some fun and laughter as a break from the daily routine of studies. The day concluded with a buffet dinner of local food for everyone.

The International Students Interaction Day is held twice a year to allow new and current international students to get fresh updates about services and assistance provided by DISS. It also serves as a platform for the students to make new friends with other international students.

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