Learn to Overcome Stress

Banyan Spa organised a health talk entitled, ‘Dream of a Healthier Life’ at its premises along Jalan Raja DiHilir, Ipoh on Saturday, May 16.

The objective of the talk was to educate the public on ways to slow down the ageing process and to provide solutions to combat age-related diseases such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, backache, headache and more.

Living on the fast lane entails a life full of stress and, compounded with high intake of processed food, the end-result is mayhem.

Ben Ong, Vice President of Malaysian Beauty Association spoke at length on the subject. He offered practical solutions to overcome the problems which impact humans, young and old. Ben provided some helpful tips on how to cure headaches naturally without painkillers. Massaging the soft part of the hand in between the index finger and thumb and apply firm, circular pressure for 4-5 seconds is one of the ways to stop the pain before it becomes uncontrollable and difficult to handle. He also provided information on an unhealthy habit, such as, eating late at night leads to overeating and can wreak havoc on a weight-loss diet.

This on-going programme sponsored by Banyan Spa, Ipoh is open to the public. It is held on an opportunity basis and admission is free. The next session, in English and Chinese, is scheduled for June.


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