Reunited After 20 Years

To reminisce on the 20 years that had passed, students from the Class of ‘95 organised a reunion dinner with alumni from different schools in Ipoh on Saturday, August 8. However, only 30 turned up in spite of last-minute calls. The dinner, nonetheless, was held as planned at Weil Hotel, Ipoh.

Apart from establishing friendship and mending fences, the purpose of the get-together was also to raise funds for the Inner Whe el Club (IWC) of Ipoh, the largest women’s voluntary organisation in the world. “We picked the Ipoh chapter because the president is from our batch,” said Nyanam Ann Raja, the organising committee chairperson.

Kumari Kaushaliya Rani, President of IWC of Ipoh, thanked her peers for selecting her club to channel their money.

Donations to the club were made by the purchase of raffle tickets sold at RM10 per ticket. Efforts to sell more tickets were taken but to no avail. The donated money will be used to help underprivileged students from Tamil schools around Ipoh.

The event began with the ubiquitous ice-breaking game where participants had to introduce themselves to one another, as they were from different schools but were from the same year-1995. Dinner followed next and raffle draws in between. The evening ended with dancing, a way to unwind after an arduous day in the heat.


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