Perak Masters 10km Run

On Sunday, September 6, I was with over 350 participants, clad in red, for the first-ever Perak Masters 10km Run. It was flagged off by Dato’ Seri Ir Haji Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin, the former Menteri Besar of Perak, at Stadium Indera Mulia. The run was an initiative to honour and recognise the long-forgotten heroes of Malaysia.

Truthfully, I had not even seen a pair of running shoes in two years due to a busy academic calendar and now my tight work schedule. Basking in the morning sun, I was fighting leg soreness tackling a slope before I was even near the end of the long run.

Why run again after a long lapse? The distance took me beyond my comfort zone, into a realm in which I confronted the limitations of my body and my mind. It could only be completed by mental discipline with no shortcuts. And it was here that I discovered my inner strengths and self-respect.

By doing a walk-run combination, the thrill and sensation of crossing the finishing line was truly rewarding. When the incredible sense of satisfaction and pride set in, I am already planning my next challenge.

What better way to celebrate than joining a water game involving a fire truck spraying water, water-loaded balloons and water guns? Amidst the cold squirts, a rainbow was spotted in the mist, providing a picture-perfect ending for a productive day.

Following is the list of first-prize winners who each received RM700, a medal and a trophy:

Men Open: Ruban Kumar a/l Ramasamy
Women Open: Sheela a/p Samivellu
Men Junior Veteran: Baskaran Kuppusamy
Women Junior Veteran: Indra a/p Samivellu
Men Senior Veteran: Khir bin Salleh

“Get a good coach and have proper training. For those without a coach, you can read tips online,” said Sheela, the Women Open category champion. She has been running since the age of six.

“The weather is in our favour. As first-timers, we did well. Everyone enjoyed themselves, especially the water games. We’ll improve further next year,” Tamil Chelvan, a veteran sportsman and President of Perak Masters told Ipoh Echo.

To Ipohites who cheered us on from your passing vehicles, thanks so much for your empathy and encouragement.

Mei Kuan

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