RM100 Million for Zoo Upgrade

RM100 million has been allocated to keep Taiping Zoo and Night Safari on par with international standards. Director Dr Kevin Lazarus said that to date a few projects on developing and upgrading the zoo were ongoing and had entered phase three of completion.

According to him, those projects were fully funded by the Northern Corridor Implementation Authority (NCIA).

“The first and second phases involved the upgrading of office buildings, ticketing counter, gallery, shaded pathway, signs, lightings and the enclosure for elephants. Improving the elephant enclosure is very important as we want to showcase its real habitat like at the Perak River,” he said.

Kevin added that at the same time, the usage of a train in the zoo was made better too. “The train which ran on diesel previously now operates on battery which is not only economical but environmentally-friendly,” he highlighted.

Explaining further on the ongoing projects, he said they will include the construction and upgrading of 12 animal enclosures at a cost of RM3.8 million.

“The upgrade involves the enclosure for panther, gaur, tiger, kangaroo, chimpanzee, wild goat and a few others,” he stated. Besides the enclosures, the public toilets especially those within the zoo would be revamped too.

“Upgrading works began ten years ago and the open concept was adopted. We want to provide the real atmosphere and ambience to the animals in the zoo,” he exclaimed.

Rosli Mansor

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