Diamonds are STILL a Girl’s Best Friend

Although the world economy as well as the current economic climate in Malaysia is in the doldrums and businesses are feeling the pinch, all is not doom and gloom. There is some silver lining in jewellery retail as the price of diamonds and gemstones have come down in US$ terms.

This is what Choola and Yvonne Adris of Adris Jewellers in Greentown have to say about the prices of jewellery as a whole. “Diamonds and gemstones are priced in US Dollars and although the Ringgit has fallen against the Dollar, the price reductions in US Dollar terms translates only to slight price increases of 5% to 10% in Ringgit terms. At our forthcoming Adris Jewellers’ Year End Sale which will be on from November 16 to December 13, do not be surprised to find prices of certain items below what it used to cost before the downturn,” said Choola.

As life is for celebrating, what better way to raise your joie de vivre than to treat yourself to a bling bauble or two while taking advantage of this annual affair at Adris Jewellers where GIA certified diamonds, pearls and pearl jewellery as well as their own in-house brand of fine jewellery and jewellery for everyday wear are offered at marked down prices, some even going at below cost.

“Our focus during our Annual Year End Sale is to sell out as much of our stock as we can, as we need to keep our in-house production facilities on-going”, says Choola whose facilities involve designing, sourcing and manufacturing.


 “If you are keen on giving a dear one a gift or giving yourself a treat to celebrate the hard work you have put in throughout the year, don’t hold yourself back. You should consider collecting some pieces of jewellery now as we’re offering them at unbeatable prices,” enthused Choola.

This is their annual sale where they clear out their stock and assist their customers to stock up for Christmas and both the western and Chinese New Year, with treats for themselves as well as gifts for their family and children. Husbands can take the opportunity to honour their wives with a special gift to express their love and appreciation and parents can select gifts for their children which will have enduring value.

“With the Ringgit at record lows, travelling abroad becomes prohibitively costly and it may just be wiser to spend one’s disposable income (Ringgit) at home, treating oneself to gifts with intrinsic value and which can act as hedges against inflation.” Choola said.

“We’re inviting people who ‘stay local’ to ‘buy local’. Don’t even look at imported jewellery. The exchange rate makes it prohibitive. All our pieces are handcrafted locally by our master craftsmen and this provides a hedge against the rise in foreign currencies where craftsmanship is concerned,” he added.

“I know that doubting Thomases out there might think that some dishonest retailers may mark their pre-sale prices up before marking them down for the Sale but our long-time customers can certainly verify that this is not our practice as they are familiar with our usual pricing. Some are even being offered below cost. If that’s not bargains worth coming for, I don’t know what is,” Choola emphasised.

Visitors and expats living here may also wish to take advantage of these offers which are simply too irresistible, not to mention the fantastic value they’d be getting when converting from their home currency. These are prices which they would never find back home with a quality that is unbeatable.

Adris is a full-fledged jeweller, meaning that they Source, Design, Manufacture and Retail, a far cry from the usual run-of-the-mill jeweller that just buys mass manufactured jewellery and sells them. Thus the description of  ‘Bespoke’  which is made-to-order, applies so well to this venerable store which has a history of serving satisfied customers since 1935.

So low Ringgit or not, do hurry to the Adris Annual Sale and pick up some genuine bargains which you and your family members can enjoy for generations to come. Remember that Diamonds are STILL a girl’s best friend.

Adris Jewellers
12D Persiaran Greentown 1,
Greentown Business Centre, 30450 Ipoh.
Tel: 05 254 0984 or 05 241 4992
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