Repainting the Memory

Almost forty eight years ago, Chan Wai Chun and her friends created a series of murals at their school, Methodist Girl’s School in 1967. Guided by their beloved teacher, Mrs Vivian Chong, Wai Chun and her friends decided to do some repairing of their artwork; to give it a fresh look.

“Mrs Vivian couldn’t recall where she got the inspiration from. But I do remember she took a year off to Italy, so perhaps that is where she got the idea to do the mural mosaic-style,” said Wai Chun.

Some of the murals were damaged due to water-dripping, drilling and piping. Seeing how old it looks, Wai Chun decided that it was time to do some touch-ups. She contacted some of her friends who were more than eager to help.

“We have received great support from everyone. Although some of the girls couldn’t make it here, they have been encouraging us to pursue this and even sent donations to fund this project,” added Wai Chun when Ipoh Echo met her and her friends recently.

The mural was a series of career paths depicting women which were common in the 1960s, such as doctors, architects, teachers, rubber-tappers and many more.

“I’ve been trying to contact some of my former classmates who were also involved in this project. I miss them,” said Wai Chun.

Are you one of Wai Chun’s classmates? Please do email her at to catch up!

Ili Aqilah

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