Matang Mangrove Forest Land Issue

After my open letter to Perak Chief Minister Zambry Abdul Kadir on the Matang mangrove forest, I was informed by the State Exco for Tourism, YB Nolee Ashilin that a stop-work order has been given pending investigations by the state government.

I am relieved by the immediate inquiry and look forward to the best solution on this matter. Sadly, the plot of land already cleared will need 30 years for the new mangrove trees to grow.

I urge for the investigation to be presented to the public transparently.  After the matter was reported by the media, many have been calling me to show their support and concern. Clearly people are aware that mangroves are crucial for the coastal areas.

The mangrove forest trees along Jalan Taiping-Kuala Sepetang offers a beautiful panorama and landscape as you enter  Kuala Sepetang town, welcoming visitors with an iconic landmark. Any development or Kampung Tersusun plan will totally destroy the beautiful landscape of the historical fishing village.

For the past few days, I have been going door to door in Kampung Menteri and Kampung Baru Kuala Sepetang to hear directly from the people on the Kampung Tersusun plan. Most of the villagers were not even aware of it.  In Kampung Menteri, I even heard from those who actually tried to apply for the land before but were either told it belonged to KTM Bhd or that it was forest reserve land.

In Kampung Baru, some of the villagers have been living there for more than three generations yet continue to suffer the uncertainty of a TOL. If there really is a Kampung Tersusun plan, why have the local villagers not been given the priority to be given a land title? I hope this question will also be answered in the investigation report.

Chua Yee Ling
ADUN Kuala Sepetang

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