Outsparkle the Tinsel with Adris’ Real Sparkles This Season


If you are drawing up an exciting Christmas wish list full of ‘Bling’, let Adris Jewellers treasure trove of jewellery, set with diamonds, pearls and gems seduce you with their sparkle, this season. From contemporary to classical designs, be the custodians of their unique and mesmerising pieces, designed and manufactured by their very own in house team of designers and craftsmen.  Managing Director, Choolathileka Adris who took on the mantle of producing handcrafted fine jewellery from his father, is a Graduate Gemologist by training and personally selects and vouches for every single piece of gemstone that is used in their stunning pieces. You would get a far better quality item at this reputable jeweller, without the higher labour and input cost when compared to imported pieces. Says Mr Choola, the local content of our products, lowers the price rise effects of the lower Ringgit, and so we are able to afford our customers far better quality and value.

Here in their showroom in Greentown, you’ll be spoilt for choice and will be dazzled by the beauty and wide array of jewellery. Product offerings are classified under 4 collections, foremost of which is the Everyday Diamond collection. Certainly meant to complement your daily apparel at work or an informal outing, the collection aims to elegantly add a little sparkle onto your ears, neckline, hands and fingers. Based on the concepts of subtlety and chic, the pieces may just be diamonds or gemstones of colours befitting your mood for the day, accentuated with diamonds. Prices range from RM500 to under RM10,000. You’d certainly find pieces to start your own collection of jewellery or gifts that will fit your budget for this Christmas.

Or if you feel that your jewellery should stand out and make a statement of its own, while reflecting your penchant and demeanour for detail, style and elegance, you’d certainly find the Fine Jewellery by Adris collection befitting. Based on the concepts of anything and everything beautiful, elegant and exciting, it lets loose a designer’s passion for the best.  Finely designed and manufactured, using gemstones of all colours and hues, all shapes and colours of diamonds be it in rounds or fancies, and applying particular emphasis to detail, design differentiation and quality, the pieces are usually one-offs, with no repetitions. Custom orders for jewellery in this category fitting your exact description and needs are their speciality, earning Adris Jewellers the distinction of being a bespoke jeweller.

Going by the popular saying that “it’s every woman’s privilege to own and to have a solitaire diamond on her left hand fourth finger” as an expression of her man’s gratitude and love for her, for being his life’s partner, for being the mother of their children and for being there for him through thick and thin. Says Mr Choola, “Diamonds are fragments of eternity that never loses its lustre and appeal because of its supreme hardness, hence the saying ‘diamonds are forever’. Since ancient times diamonds have always been a symbolic expression of a man’s eternal love”. Be it for an engagement, anniversary or a special moment of expression close to the heart, Adris Jewellers carries a large collection of GIA Certified Diamonds of all sizes, shapes and prices that best suits your needs. Solitaire diamonds of larger sizes have today also moved on to depict the success of a woman by her own rights and efforts. Popularly called the ‘right hand ring’ it is worn on any finger of her right hand, symbolising one’s success through one’s own effort.

It wouldn’t do not to have Pearls to complete your collection of jewellery. These quintessential treasurers of the sea are probably the most demure, yet alluring of all gems to be worn. Mr Choola associates the wearing of pearls to an expression he wittingly tells his customers “If you are invited to a party and if you are not sure whether you should look demure or alluring with your jewellery, wear pearls. Somehow pearls have the tendency to impart both exceptionally well.”

Adris Jewellers are brand carriers of Hodel Pearls of Switzerland. Perhaps one of the oldest pioneers of South Seas pearl farming, each piece of pearl jewellery from Hodel pearls comes with a certificate authenticating that the pearls have not been enhanced or doctored in anyway. The range of pearl jewellery offered are made up of Akoya Pearls and South Seas pearls. Akoya pearls are the pearls cultured off the coast of Japan, while South Seas pearls are those cultured off the equatorial belts of Australia, Tahiti and the Philippines. They come in colours of white, black and gold respectively, from these belts. Prices range from a couple of hundreds onwards, and are in the form of pearl jewellery or strands.

New and exciting pieces in these collections await you for this Christmas season. So please do hurry on to Adris Jewellers this festive season.

Adris Jewellers Sdn Bhd is at:

12D Persiaran Greentown 1,
Greentown Business Centre, Ipoh.
Opening hours: 10.30am to 6pm
Tel: 05 254 0984 / 05 241 4992
Fax: 05 255 3001
Facebook: Adris Jewellers
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