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Ali Yeh Yeh!

By Ili Aqilah

Food trucks in Ipoh are making a mark not only among youths but also for foodies who appreciate good street food. The latest member to join nine other food trucks in Ipoh is Ali Yeh Yeh, which looks set to wow customers with their one of a kind menu!

Ali Yeh Yeh started in November 2015 but owing to unforeseen circumstances the team had to go on hiatus for a month before coming back in December 2015. Led by enthusiastic businesswoman, Dato’ Foo Mei Yen, Ali Yeh Yeh is currently roaming around Ipoh with two trucks one yellow and one green, that offers both drinks and food.

“Before opening Ali Yeh Yeh, we had a fair amount of time doing R&D because we want to deliver the best to our customers,” said Sean Phan Di Jian, the marketing director for AliYehYeh Group Sdn Bhd.

The green truck of Ali Yeh Yeh serves four different types of drinks: latte, mocha, chocolate and caramel latte. The drinks come in two sizes, single (from RM5.90 to RM6.90) and a couple’s cup that comes with a special doughnut as the topping, at RM9.90 to RM10.90.

The latest addition to the Ali Yeh Yeh family, the yellow truck,  began its operations early this year serving not only drinks but also savoury waffles (RM9.90) that come with three different kinds of cheese and customers can choose between four different fillings: chicken, beef, turkey and lamb.

While the green truck will be roaming around town everyday except Monday, the yellow truck will be at Greentown Business Centre (in front of Ipoh Echo) from Tuesday till Thursday and at Kong Heng Square on Friday and the weekends. Currently Ali Yeh Yeh are the only trucks that open from noon till midnight so be sure to catch them! More information and the whereabouts of Ali Yeh Yeh’s truck at their Facebook and Instagram.

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