Looking for Nieces

A friend of mine from the United Kingdom is trying to trace the whereabouts of his two nieces with whom he stayed together in the 1960s.

His name is Tang Fook Wah, a British citizen residing in London. His two nieces are named Tang Poh San and Tang Poh Yin, respectively.

The ladies are believed to be in their 40s now and were staying at No. 1, Samson Road, Merdeka Garden, Ipoh with their grandparents then.

Their mother worked for the Tang family as a maid.  Their grandparents’ names were Tang Chee Kee (grandfather) and Cheong Woon Kuan (grandmother).

Their father, Tang Fook Kui, migrated to the UK around the year 1971 and now resides in London.

Tang Fook Wah has tried to locate the two ladies some years ago by writing in the Northern Issue of The Star, but to no avail.

To readers who could help, I can be contacted at 012 666 6238.

Anne Weng


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