Let’s Read Together

Similar to Earth Hour, the “Let’s Read Together for 10 Minutes” programme is held worldwide every year. This year, however, it was fixed on Monday, April 25 from 11am to 11.10am unlike previous years, which was on April 23.

The programme started simultaneously at the Perak State Library and the Tun Razak Library. Both libraries were patronised by visitors from varied backgrounds.

The Perak State Library’s crowd consisted of school students, nurses, government employees and army personnel.

Ipoh City Council’s Tun Razak Library, on the other hand, was having the programme for the very first time. In celebrating their first “Let’s Read Together for 10 Minutes”, they had invited members of the Civil Society Council, kindergarten kids and the public to join them.

“With the technology we have these days, I’m sure you’re aware that there are online books and newspapers found on the Internet,” said State Library Director, Nor Aini Mohd Nordin.

“We’re taking this opportunity so that books wouldn’t be forgotten,” she said upon launching the programme along with the State Library Deputy Chairman, Maslin Sham Razman at the Perak State Library.

The moment the clock struck 11am, those in the library began reading the books they were provided. It was a rare sight indeed, seeing so many people so engrossed in their reading materials.

On hindsight, this ought to happen daily not once a year for a mere ten minutes!


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