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PSPA Singers in Fantasia


If papers could capture performances and replay them, ‘PSPA Singers in Fantasia’ would definitely be one of them. On Saturday, July 2, Perak Society of Performing Arts (PSPA) organised a choir performance at the auditorium of SMJK Yuk Choy.

The two-hour show by six brilliant singers, namely, Sirikhwan Buathong (soprano), Marianne Poh (mezzo-soprano), Salith Dechsangworn (tenor), Korawij Devahastin na Ayudhya (baritone), Zhang Chi and Kang Su Kheng (accompanists) began at 8pm.

It was divided into two halves, the first was opera-based tunes while the second consisted of musicals from movies we are familiar with, like ‘Annie Get Your Gun’, ‘The Little Mermaid’ and ‘Frozen’ to name a few.

Unlike the normal choir performances we see, ‘PSPA Singers in Fantasia’ spoke to each of us in the hall. It was more of a connection, rather than a performance, as it was not solely singing, per se.

Dialogues, acting and dance moves were also inserted in between and during the performance by a mix of young to old singers. In the first half, the selection of tunes was not in English. It was meant to make the audience enjoy what they hear even if they do not understand it as the arts speak no language.

One of the tunes they sang was ‘Hör ich Cymbalklänge’, a German czarda which means “I hear the sound of cymbals”.

In the second half, the musical was in a form of a story, where two sisters, Sirikhwan and Marianne wanted to audition for Cinderella and the two judges, Salith and Korawij fall in love with them.

“It feels great performing, I started singing when I was around five and learned in-depth when I was in university,” said Sirikhwan from Thailand.

Overall, it was an enchanting show, one that would leave an indelible mark in your mind.

“I was here years ago for another show with PSPA. It’s wonderful to be back, seeing some of them growing up so beautifully,” she continued.

By the end of the show, the entire cast did a surprise encore ‘Lava’ for Tony Lee and his wife, Dr Hew Mee-Len to celebrate their wedding anniversary. As he handed a bouquet of flowers to her, the audience cheered and clapped.


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