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A whopping 574.5kg of recyclables were collected by students of SMJK Yuk Choy recently at Lim Garden. Aimed at creating a greater awareness among the local community to preserve the environment, the green initiative was part of the school’s effort under the Toyota Eco Youth Challenge 2016.

“The response from the residents was encouraging. After giving them an early notice, most of them prepared the items beforehand and left them outside their homes for us to collect. Pupils will learn that recyclables are not rubbish, as the proceeds today will be contributed back to the community of Lim Garden,” Devananthan, a teacher, told Ipoh Echo. He thanked the principal, Chan Hen Huan for his support.

Used electrical items, old newspapers, cardboard boxes, plastics, aluminum and a car bonnet filled the recycling truck to the brim. Over 60 students, aged 13 to 16, collected the recyclables house-to-house within the housing complex which consisted of about 600 residences.

“The firsthand experience will teach the students to identify the things that can be recycled,” Khor Phaik Keow, the senior assistant of co-curriculum stated. “I’m glad my friends are enjoying this. The kind residents will call for us and we’ll rush there,” shared Wong Yee Mei, 16, the team leader.

“This would be an eye-opener for residents, especially the hard-headed ones and those who are all talk and no action,” Shafruddin Nasution, chairman of Rukun Tetangga (Neighbourhood Watch), said. “It’s a good idea as it helps the elderly residents, who are less mobile, to clear their recyclables,” Manogaran, treasurer of the Rukun Tetangga added.

Meanwhile, Vikneswaran, vice president of Lim Garden’s Residents Association had this to say, “The awareness is there but more can be done. We thank the students for their fantastic job in aiding the residents. The proceeds will be used to improve the facilities in Lim Garden.”

The fruitful morning concluded with a talk on the misuse of consumer plastic bags and a prize-giving ceremony.

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