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Litterbugs – Cosmopoint Must Take Responsibility

Thumbs Down

By A. Jeyaraj

In response to my article ‘College Students are Litterbugs’, Ipoh Echo Issue 237 (June 16-31, 2016), MBI took immediate action and cleaned the drain on June 24.

A couple of days later when I passed by the place, I noticed that the students had started throwing rubbish into the drain again.

MBI cannot be cleaning this drain every other day because of the irresponsible behaviour of the staff and students of the college. The Cosmopoint College must take responsibility and clean the drain regularly. It is their duty to clean up their mess. They can instruct their cleaners to clean the drain.

On Sunday morning on July 17, I noticed there was considerable rubbish in the drain and a pile of garbage was lying on the floor next to the building along Jalan Laxamana. It looks like this college is not concerned about the cleanliness of their surroundings. Dustbins must be placed in the area and notices put up instructing students not to throw garbage into the drain.

MBI must summon the college for littering the place. An institution of higher learning must set a good example.

Travel portal Lonely Planet has selected Ipoh as the 6th top tourist destination. Let us keep the city clean and presentable.


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