Refurbished Dato Sagor Food Court – Further Suggestions

I refer to the letter ‘Refurbished Dato Sagor Food Court’ published in Issue 239 Ipoh Echo (July 16-31, 2016) and agree with the comments of the writer. I would like to add a few more suggestions.

  1. Tourist Booth at railway station – this has been proposed for quite some time and seems to have fallen onto deaf ears. While writing an article about ETS, I visited the station a few times and tourists have asked me about going to Kellie’s Castle and the normal taxi fare. I have been asked where to go for a meal and whether it is walking distance. A tourist booth with English speaking staff who are familiar with Ipoh can assist tourists and provide information on popular tourist sites, where to eat and normal taxi fare.
  2. Sagor Food Court – the food sold here does not represent the delicacies of Ipoh and would not appeal to most of the tourists. Occasionally I go there to eat apom manis and the stall selling bread with half boiled eggs is very popular. Set up stalls to sell food such as taugeh chicken, chee cheong fun, dim sum and, tau foo fa which are popular in Ipoh. The stalls are only open till mid-afternoon. If the stalls are open at night they can attract visitors from Dataran KTM.

The first floor of the station is empty, why not put up a food court there to sell all varieties of food? Tourists can enjoy Ipoh’s popular food in the station itself.

Travel portal Lonely Planet, has selected Ipoh as the 6th hottest tourist destination and we can expect an influx of  tourists.

A. Jeyaraj

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