ISPCA and NAI (2)

I was a life member and a previous committee member of ISPCA, and was always a supporter of ISPCA until the new management came in. I have since diverted my donations to other animals NGOs that are helping animals with integrity and sincerity.

Now I read the “tug-of-war” between ISPCA and NAI in the newspapers with a heavy heart especially to the cats and dogs who have no voice of their own to speak out.

In the recent NAI’s letter in your Ipoh Echo, I strongly believe that NAI is correct to say ISPCA should stop intimidating them and allow them to continue to care for the animals there. NAI has the right to voice their concern over the welfare of the dogs especially when ISPCA should be as it is in their name – Ipoh Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. NAI is just acting properly for the welfare of the animals and it is not a criticism.

It makes me wonder why ISPCA is taking this with so much vengeance by building up walls, cutting the electricity and water and asking NAI to get out. It seems they also wanted to evict the shelter helper who has been living there since ISPCA has moved there.

This is enough to question what is behind their action?? Why don’t they, for the welfare of the animals, sit down and discuss amicably.

Thank goodness I am no longer a supporter of ISPCA. I had my doubts quite some time ago and for the following reasons: (Note: At the last AGM they did not present any accounts audited or unaudited – where is the transparency?).

  • Why the drastic reduction of the dogs from 300 to 120?
  • When I asked at the AGM why their FB reported over 250 dogs in the shelter when in fact there are around 150 and what is their secret for being able to adopt so many in one month? The President said that, that is how they can get more food donated for the dogs by quoting more.
  • Why the adopters of the poodles in 2014 were not given a receipt?
  • Why all genuine volunteers are not allowed to continue their service at the shelter? Only when its open day they open their gates.
  • Why the Vice President/Shelter Manager is being paid over a thousand ringgit? Isn’t that a volunteer position? During the previous management, the then Vice President/shelter Manager was not paid.
  • Why sack the previous auditors who are animal lovers and giving them free service in mid term without approval from members?

There are many more.

I appeal to the public that you should think why the new management of ISPCA are acting in this way.

Mai Palmer

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