Braille Printer for Student

The Lions Club of Ipoh Host presented a cheque of RM7000 as a donation towards the cost of a Braille printer for Mahavithia Arumugam at her school on Monday, August 29.
Mahavithia is a visually-impaired upper six student studying at Kolej Tingkatan Enam Seri Putera Ipoh. An orphan, she is currently cared for by her cousin’s family. She is blind since birth and her mother passed away due to cancer when she was just three years old. The young lady has done well in her studies with an ambition of pursuing further studies in a university.
The Braille printer, Index Everest – D V4 Braille Embosser 2001, costs RM15,052 and it is sourced from Sweden via a supplier based in Malacca. The supplier has agreed to hold on to the offer until the middle of September.
To date, she has managed to raise RM8052 through the effort of Rathakrishnan Naidu Narayansamy, the Senior Assistant for Special Education at Kolej Tingkatan Enam Seri Putera Ipoh.
For further details, please contact president, Emily Kong, at 012 505 3473 or treasurer, V. Sreedaran Nair, at 013 528 3688.
Mei Kuan
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