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Zija International organised another talk on Moringa oleifera, nature’s miracle tree, coming on the heels of its previous enlightening session on natural healing with essential oils. The holistic approach which is part of the natural health revolution was presented by nutritionist consultant, Yap Fui Fong on Thursday, September 8, hosted by Meru Valley Resort.

“Don’t be obsessed with body weight. Fitness is not how skinny you look but how many miles you can walk, how many kilometres you can run, how many push ups you can do and how many sit-ups you can complete,” Yap highlighted to over 50 in the audience.

The criteria of healthy weight management are to prevent muscle loss, increase metabolism and provide complete nutrition. And that is where the Zija Moringa SuperMix and Zija Moringa Protein come into the picture. Both products are made of organic grown Moringa from South India, aid in weight management and can be taken any time during the day.

Each sachet of Zija Moringa SuperMix is a dose of pure nutrition as Moringa Oleifera has more than 90 verifiable, cell-ready vitamins, minerals, vital proteins, antioxidants, omega oils and others.

“A lot of supplements come in pills, tablets and capsules. Most of these are actually synthetic and made out of petroleum. Moringa itself can replace all that. There are tons of journals and scientific studies to prove that Moringa can cure many illnesses, go google it!” Yap added. In countries like Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand and Philippines, Moringa can be grown at the backyard and is part of the local diet. However, the moment it is cooked, half of its nutrients will be lost.

Protein absorption in the gut requires other necessary nutrients which most protein shakes in the market are missing. Plus, harmful artificial sweeteners and controversial food colourings are commonly found in protein powders. Meanwhile, the Zija Moringa Protein supplement shake combines natural ingredients to help feed your body and maximise your fitness goals. It also assists in post-workout recovery and promotes lean muscle development.

“You can choose to subsidise your illness or invest in your wellness,” Yap concluded. Guests got to sample the two products themselves. After a question and answer session, the lively morning concluded with a buffet lunch crafted by the Dome Restaurant of Meru Resort.

Interested readers can contact Miss Chan at 012 200 7243 for further details. Or go to: on Moringa or on essential oils to learn more.

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