Perak World Pharmacist Day 2016 Celebrations

The Malaysian Pharmaceutical Society Perak Area Committee and the Bahagian Perkhidmatan Farmasi Negeri Jabatan Kesihatan Negeri Perak jointly organised the Perak World Pharmacist Day 2016 Celebrations at Ipoh Parade on 25 September 2016 .

The event, which showcased the pharmaceutical industry was to educate the public on medication, health and prescription related matters. It was attended by more than 1000 people.

The event was officiated by the Director of the Jabatan Kesihatan Negeri Perak, Dato’ Dr Hajah Juita bt Ghazalie who in her speech said that, “Pharmacists have an important role in the health system of a country and can act in the interests of patients and the public in determining the remedies used rationally and effectively”. She also stated that, “Pharmacists should ensure that patients under their treatment receive Total Pharmaceutical Care”.

The event patron Mr Leong Weng Choy, Timbalan Pengarah Kesihatan Negeri (Farmasi) Jabatan Kesihatan Negeri Perak stated that, “This event was aimed at valuing and accentuating the role of  pharmacists in the health care of the public”. He encouraged all visitors to interact with the pharmacist at the exhibition site and take this opportunity to experience the services that can be provided by a pharmacist as part of the health care team.

The organising chairman of the event, Ms Vanitha Ramachandran, MPS Perak Area Committee Chairman, in her opening speech, outlined that the event had many activities and exhibitions from the Malaysian Pharmaceutical Society Perak, Bahagian Perkhidmatan Farmasi Jabatan Kesihatan Negeri Perak, Jabatan Farmasi Hospital Raja Permaisuri Bainun, Jabatan Farmasi Pejabat Kesihatan Daerah Kinta, Pharmacy Students Society of UNIKL RCMP, and the Allied Against Dengue team.

Public health talks that educated on the importance of a complete prescription, quality use of medication, vaccination and dengue prevention were held throughout the day. There were also activities aimed at children such as a children’s corner, a spelling bee contest and a colouring contest.

A Laughter Wellness session was conducted with the theme, laughter is the best medicine. This fun activity was enjoyed by the event visitors and event organisers.

Ms Vanitha also highlighted that, “This year’s theme, ‘Pharmacists: Caring for you’, was chosen to reflect the important role of pharmacists in providing care to the public, and also to highlight the emotional connection they have with their patients. The role of pharmacists has evolved from that of a provider of medicines to that of a provider of care.”

It was revealed that the venue sponsor Ipoh Parade was keen to make this a yearly event as such public health events benefited its patrons.

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