WEIL’s Seafood Celebration

Weil does it again and this time, they are offering delicacies of Neptune’s best. We all go crazy over a seafood feast. Now, Seafood buffet is available at Weil’s Tiffin Restaurant every Friday and Saturday nights beginning 6pm onwards.

Priced at RM68 nett for adults, RM58 nett for senior citizens and RM38 nett for children of ages 6-12, the seafood buffet is meant for all. Some of the dishes you would not want to miss include fresh hand-picked shellfish.

Their Rock Lobster, which is half a lobster, will be served to each guest. They also have the Abalone Soup and the Portuguese Seafood Stew. Apart from that, their speciality, seafood on Ice, consists of scallops, green mussels, slipper lobsters, snow crabs, tiger prawns and flower crabs, to name a few.

The soup counter offers the Boston Seafood Chowder or the Macanese Flower Crab Congee. And what is a buffet without a spread of desserts? Matcha lovers will go crazy over their green tea crème brûlée. Others include the coffee Portuguese cream pudding (Serradura), summer berries panna cotta, bread and butter pudding, chocolate mud cake, pandan-layered mousse cake and Paris Brest, which is a French dessert.

“Seafood is comfort food, it makes you feel at home. And I want guests to enjoy that. It’s a phenomenal feeling” said Chef Ryan Poon.

With the variety of seafood salads and seafood pastas Weil is serving for seafood lovers, it would be a definite waste if you miss this chance. Chef Ryan and his teammates are bound to make your seafood experience go crazy.

Reservations can be made at 05 208 2228 or

Khaleeja Suhaimi

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