Secrets of Taiping Lake Gardens

Not many are aware that the iconic Taiping Lake Gardens have eight hidden locations that were only known to the town’s older residents.

The eight were unraveled recently when members of Taiping’s civil society and the Taiping Municipal Council (MPT) organised an awareness programme dubbed, “Jom Terokai Taman Tasik Taiping” (‘Let’s explore Taiping Lake Gardens’) on Sunday, September 25.

The peaceful ambience, living up to the town’s original name, “Tai-Peng” which means peace in Chinese, could be felt during the search.

According to records, somewhere in the 1960s, a teacher and his students from HuaLian High School, Taiping, had immortalised the beauty of the lake gardens through poetry.

A total of eight poems were crafted alluding to the charms and beauty of the gardens which had been a source of inspiration to nature lovers.

According to the head of the Tourism Division of MPT, Hanim Ramly, the Council will now concentrate on developing the eight dedicated attributes and turn them into icons of Taiping Lake Gardens.

“The eight locations identified in the poems are, Limpahan Teratai, Pulau Rasa Luahan Cinta, Bukit Sorakan Monyet, Lapan Kelok Cahaya Bulan, Pohon Menangkap Alunan Tasik, Rumpun Buluh Bernyanyi, Kolam ‘Ping’ Mengail dan Trek Mengelilingi Tasik’” she told reporters.

“Before this, visitors simply enjoyed the beauty of the park without realising that certain spots had its own uniqueness,” said Hanim.

Taiping Lake Gardens was formerly a tin-mining area belonging to a British company. Mining operations were undertaken by Charles Compton Reade. The 96.44-hectare site was turned into a public park in 1880 and was among the first in then Malaya.

One major attraction the gardens provide are the majestic rain trees, scientific name, Samaneasaman. A total of 19 such trees are found along the road fringing the lakes. They are over 130 years old.

“Once these eight icons are publicised, Taiping Lake Gardens will be more meaningful, especially for those who adore nature and its many enduring secrets,” she exclaimed.

Rosli Mansor

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