The Ameo Difference

Because of the cell’s ability to self-duplicate, metabolise nutrients and carry out an independent life cycle, scientists have determined that the cell is the basic unit of life. Each cell is vital to the overall health of the human body. In fact, the source of many detrimental illnesses originates from a single, unhealthy cell that self-duplicates as in cancer.

Understanding that optimal human health begins at the cellular level, Zija International created a revolutionary line of essential oils called Ameo. With its certi-5 difference, Ameo sets a new standard for essential oil purity and quality unlike anything previously offered in the industry.

What are essential oils? “Essential oils are naturally-produced liquids which come from various parts of the plant such as the root, leaf, fruit, flower and bark. It is extracted in two main forms: steam distillation and cold pressing. Ameo’s pure clinical grade essential oils help your body to heal. I want you to understand that essential oil does not cure. Your body has the ability to heal itself,” Shorbana Martin, a certified cosmeotologist and clinical aromatherapist, explained to the more than 50 strong audience at Meru Valley Resort recently.

Essential oils restore body vitality, enable a free flow of life energy throughout the body and lower body toxicity. Certi-5 is Ameo’s five-step commitment to quality and purity. For example, it includes the highest quality of validated botanicals, coming from eco-friendly farms, using paramount distillation techniques, clinical-grade validation testing for cell activity as well as permeability. In fact, users have instant access to an online library that showcases details and highlights tests performed on their specific Ameo oil which they purchased at Each bottle is numbered on the glass itself and makes for bullet proof verification.

Ameo essential oils can create a rich user experience aromatically (inhaling essential oils releases their molecules directly into the bloodstream through the lungs), topically (applying directly to the skin allows the oils to pass quickly into the surrounding tissues and the bloodstream) and internally (by consuming the essential oils). On the latter method Shorbana was quick to note that only certain oils are consumable, a point that Ameo makes clear on each oil.

After an in-depth introduction, attendees then learnt hands-on on how to use Ameo essential oils as a natural remedy for everyday ailments, aches and pains. For instance, massaging peppermint onto the back of the neck, behind the ears and on the pulse points of the wrists helps one to concentrate. Diffusing lavender soothes tension and aids sleep. Meanwhile, drinking lots of water with about one to two drops of lemon essential oil to about 500ml of water helps cleanse toxins and promotes better digestive health.

The rejuvenating session held on Thursday, October 6, was concluded with a buffet lunch crafted by the Dome Restaurant of the resort.

Interested readers can contact Miss Chan at 012 200 7243 for further details. Or swing by to learn more.

Mei Kuan

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