Kamal in Dire Straits

If you think you having a rough day, others are even worse. Poor Kamal Ariffin Abu, 48, has a lingering heart problem which he only discovered after being admitted to Hospital Raja Permaisuri Bainun, Ipoh in August.

Kamal, from Kuala Dipang, works as a labourer. His earnings of about RM200 a month is barely sufficient to meet his daily expenses, what more in his time of need. There were times he had to go without food. Fortunately, he is still a bachelor.

“I had four heart attacks so far. The last time, I was admitted to the Kampar hospital for treatment. I’m too weak to work. It saddens me, as I don’t have enough to support myself,” said Kamal to Ipoh Echo.

Kamal is seeking donations from kind-hearted Ipohites for a heart-bypass operation that costs about RM15,000. Three of his arteries are blocked and require corrective surgery.

His condition is further aggravated by excessive fluid in his lungs. Due to these problems his heart does not function normally.

“I hope people will understand. Your assistance will help save my life and that’s all I ask for,” he pleaded.

Readers wishing to help out may do so by donating directly to Kamal at Maybank  (Account Number: 158042625822) for the purpose. Your assistance is much appreciated.

Rosli Mansor

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