The 3Rs of Wellness: Rejuvenation, Recalibration and Recharging

Healing Holiday is a health and wellness vacation programme with medical benefits incorporating both modern and traditional treatment modalities. Initiated by Dr Sakthivel Thamotharan, a medical doctor who honed his skills in the emergency department of one of the busiest hospitals in Malaysia, HTAR Klang, followed by a stint as Hospital Director in Hospital Daro in Sarawak, this three or six-day retreat programme is scheduled to be run at the Roots Eco Resort in Tanjung Rambutan, Ipoh.

Dr Sakthi, who now works in the private sector in the Klang Valley, is not only a medical professional but also a professional musician who plays with his Band “The Zen People” playing a newly blended musical genre called “Quantum Reggae”. Being a doctor who balances music plus medicine, he believes that it is both one and the same. He plays all ethnic drums and hand percussions, the guitar, sings, writes lyrics, composes music and is a strong believer in the healing powers of music. Most notably this year Dr Sakthi performed, wrote and composed the official anthem for the Malaysian Cancer Council (MAKNA) titled – “You gotta Live” an incredibly positive and uplifting song.

In collaboration with the same NGO he was involved in organising the Think.ART charity event in March 2016 which presented a fusion of music+art exibition+live paintings+health awareness, wellness and healing, the first of such an event in the country where art and health met in such experimental depth. Recently Dr Sakthi was accepted as an honorary advisor of the Sandyamaarga Institute of Holistic Living and Natural Medicine, Malaysia.

Dr Sakthi together with his band perform their music live in 432Hz which is believed to resonate with universal nature and has healing abilities. This Dr Sakthi believes, will be medically and scientifically proven in the coming years as there is a lack of research and scientific works in this field in the current times. They are the first Malaysian band to jump into this Pythagorean tuning, in efforts to extend it to mainstream ears.

This health vacation programme incorporates mainstream medical expertise and alternative medical healers, therapists and health experts. Enrollment is limited to 10 participants to be coached and precisely designed back to pristine health. Working with 9-15 facilitators comprising medical doctors, traditional healers and therapists of different specialities including, meditation and yoga ayurveda, siddha-varma, reiki, aromatherapy, hypnotherapy, massage and reflexology, sound healing, music therapy and other health modalities, participants will leave the retreat with their own individualised plan for ongoing wellness and strategies for coping with their individual health issues.

Their Health Designing services that comes along with the package is a new concept of tailor fitting a health and lifestyle plan or a healing and medical treatment plan for each participant in the programme. Included in the cost of the programme is a follow-up programme with individualised coaching for each participant with a personal doctor assigned for one year post programme Telemedicine consultation. They will come away with the 3Rs: recalibrated, rejuvenated and recharged.

The next Healing Holiday Programme: RM5000
(food, accommodation and all treatments)
6 days + 5 nights vacation with medical benefits
November 20-25 (Sunday-Friday) 
@ Roots Eco Resort, Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia
For other dates visit: or call Dr Sakthi at +6016 776 2542.

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