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A New Hipster Cafe

Have you tasted roasted meat done in a ceramic oven using traditional grilling methods of North-East Kazakhstan?

This is the unique selling point of BBQ Lamb Ipoh – Roasted & Grill, the first hipster cafe in Ipoh to present various roasted meat done Asian-style.

“We retain the freshness of the meat roasting in the ceramic oven for two to three hours. In that time, the meat texture will soften as the fats will drip away,” said cafe manager, Ahmad Noradi, better known as Pak Adi.

BBQ Lamb Ipoh – Roasted & Grill

According to Pak Adi, the roasted meat can be enjoyed by the health-conscious.

“Many of the diners here are elderly. They can enjoy the dishes without much hesitation. This is due to our traditional grilling methods which reduces the cholesterol level of the meat.

“I use anise, soy sauce, oyster sauce and herbs imported from Eastern countries. I don’t use marinade ingredients of the West like rosemary, parsley, oregano and others. This is what differentiated us as we prioritise the Asian taste buds,” he said.

Located in Ampang, Ipoh, the cafe runs on the casual seaside concept. The combination of ideas with Pak Adi’s friend from Russia makes the place comfortable and attractive from every angle.

BBQ Lamb Ipoh – Roasted & Grill

Among the must-try healthy drinks are Papaya Shake, Kelapa Shake, Dragon Shake dan Ambra Asam Boi.

Beef Tenderloin, Back Ribs and Smoked Duck are the popular dishes accompanied with fried potatoes, salad and homemade sauce without any instant ingredients.

Try their Overdose Chicken and Lamb Soup dipped with toasted bread and a drink of Kopi Abah Kaw created by Pak Adi.

Their Lamb Ribs, Smokey Duck, Lamb Rack, Back Ribs Beef, In House Lamb Shank and Beef Tenderloin will not disappoint.

BBQ Lamb Ipoh – Roasted & Grill is located at Jalan Ampang Baru 6, Ipoh. Business hours: 6pm-11pm. Closed on Mondays and Tuesdays. GPS: 4.5880330, 101.1377020.

BBQ Lamb Ipoh – Roasted & Grill

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