Meeting after 30 Years

A group of about 85 former students and teachers of SMK Sultan Yussuf, Batu Gajah took advantage of the school holidays to meet up after a lapse of 30 years.

Those who participated in the get-together named, “Reunion Group SYS Smart Young Students” were those who attended the school within the 1974-1986 period and were born in 1967.

Ang Lee Leong, an alumnus, said after leaving school three decades ago, there was a desire to meet up and reminisce on the good old school days.

He said the meeting was cordial and harmonious although they were of different racial origins.

“Our relationships have remained strong despite the passage of time. We’re now meeting at the ripe old age of 50,” he said when met. The event was held at the school hall on Saturday, March 18.

SMK Sultan Yussuf Batu Gajah reunion

According to Ang, former students live all over the country but they took time off to attend this significant event, including some from abroad.

“The programme began with a bang. Some were happy and some became emotional meeting their friends after such a long time.

“Our excitement couldn’t be expressed in words. It’s evident that the affinity between us is very strong. We’re Malays, Chinese, Indians and Sikhs. This is the true Malaysian spirit,” he exclaimed joyfully.

Some of the activities organised were team games which allowed for better interaction between the participants. The climax was the lucky draws.

The event concluded with the presentation of two 43-inch televisions to the school for educational use.


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