A Brilliant Performance

The Yuk Choy Chinese Orchestra wowed the audience with their intricate and detailed performance at Syeun Hotel on April 15.

“We started with a lack of funds. Back in 2007, when it was first founded, we only had one type of instrument. It was the Chinese Bamboo Flute,” said Chan Hen Huan, the school principal.

Their first concert was in 2010 and this year marked their fourth amazing performance. Officiated by Dato’ Seri Haji Ahmad Husni Mohamad Hanadzlah, the orchestral team which had only a  few members at the start now boasts about 100 members.

Yuk Choy Chinese Orchestra

“It is my sincere hope that through this team, we get to preserve the Chinese culture and encourage more students to actively participate in extracurricular activities through the Chinese orchestra,” added Chan.

Chan also wished that in 10 years’ time, the orchestra will gain not only national recognition, but also international and become famous worldwide. Aside from playing classical Chinese songs, the orchestra also played some western compositions such as ‘All About The Bass’ from Meghan Trainor, the main soundtrack of Pirates of the Caribbean and more.

Ili Aqilah


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