More to Tapioca Than You Know

What is safe for the environment, non-toxic and all natural? Tapioca paper plates and cups of course. These products are made from renewable resources, bleach free and hundred per cent biodegradable. And the utensils are even safe for consumption by animals and fish while becoming a fertiliser to enrich soil.

“It’ll take eight years before our heat-tested eco-friendly products expire. After expiry they can be reused to make bio-friendly nature craft items”, said R. Meyyanathan, director of Nature’s Harmony Consultation Sdn Bhd. More importantly, it’ll reduce damage to nature and the environment,” he said, adding that the products were made of tapioca fibre and starch and would break down in 28 days.

Meyyanathan said the 28-day period has been patented by the company that was set up in 2004. He said tapioca farmers would find an additional beneficial market for their crop, as his company could support them by turning their produce into harmless packaging material as well to sell to manufacturers.

“It’s a unique upstream farmer, midstream company and downstream manufacturer business system where the whole plant is used. We are promoting this system as a prototype to create awareness for manufacturers,” he said.

Tapioca products

Meyyanathan’s establishment was among the companies, NGOs, government departments and civil groups participating in Taiping’s monthly Aman Ahad event held on Sunday April 23, and the last Sunday of every month, at the Taiping Lake Gardens. It has been around since September 2015.

Organising chairman, Dr V.K. Rajendran said the inaugural Aman Ahad Netball League Taiping, organised by the Larut Matang and Selama Netball Association has been incepted. Ten teams were registered under the open and school team categories. Prize money ranged from RM240 to RM1200.

“We hope to promote a healthy lifestyle in Taiping where sports, humanitarian activities, harmless products, safe living and good habits are jointly highlighted by schools, NGOs, the public and private sectors and civil groups” said the Taiping Municipal Councillor.

“We plan to make Aman Ahad an event to be organised by all communities in Taiping by 2020. Taiping is where Aman Ahad began and we’re glad that Ipoh would follow suit soon,” said Dr Rajendran.

Booths and exhibitions by Rotary Club of Bukit Larut, Coway Water Systems, Taiping Dental Clinic, Taiping Health Clinic, Taiping Hospital Blood Bank, Taiping Hospital Organ Donation Unit and the Larut, Matang and Selama Health Departments were set up. The programme began with a mass aerobics exercise in the morning.

Nirmal Ariyapala

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