‘Postcode lottery’ for rubbish collection in Ipoh

I was in Ipoh for 10 weeks recently after being away for a over three and a half decades. It certainly looked very decadent seeing rubbish even in monsoon drains in front of and behind houses besides those similar as in the pictures. There are posters all over the place to inform and encourage the public to keep the city clean. That is about it. The city council is not elected and so is not accountable to the voters. The rubbish problem has been talked about time and time again over many years as far as I can remember. Whatever action the city council has taken has not been effective judging by the growing rubbish vandalism. Even though the council is not elected, it still can do something by engaging with the public in town hall like consultations and conversations to work together with the residents to find solutions to the growing menace. At the moment, the unelected representatives believe as if they know it all and are out of touch with the public. In the meantime, we keep on moaning like we have done over the however many years since people started to grumble to deaf ears.

Ngai C O

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