Yasmin Ahmad Film – ‘Talentime: Lessons of the Heart’ (17 Jun 2017)

Born in Muar, the late Yasmin’s love for Ipoh came as a surprise. It was by pure chance that she bunked into Ipoh and was immediately mesmerized by its pre-war colonial buildings. Ever since then, most of her movies has prominently featured this slow-loris hilly town.

Despite her shot-lived movie-making career, she managed to capture and touch the hearts of those who understand and appreciate humanity and kindness. Sadly, she left us shortly after the the movie “Talentime” was released in 2009.

For June, Sharpened Word is teaming up with Yasmin at Kong Heng to screen ‘TALENTIME’, after which Tokoh Seni Hassan Muthalib, acclaimed movie critic and once mentor to Yasmin,will present an interpretation of the movie stylistics. Also, he will share with us the  meaning Yasmin wanted to convey in her last movie and witness how her skill as a movie-maker matured and escalated over a short span of time.The movie cost RM 1,3 mil  to make and was shot  mostly in SM Anderson, Ipoh.

Entrance by donation at RM 15/pax and proceeds will go towards maintaining Yasmin @ Kong Heng. For those who missed the movie on big screen previously, this is the best time to catch up and relive Yasmin’s dream of what she believed this  country should be,a dream that will become reality if we do something about it.

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