Animals Poorly Treated

A concerned Ipohite contacted Ipoh Echo via our Facebook page and expressed his fear for the safety and well-being of animals at the Gunung Lang Park.

Upon checking, we found that the problem lies with the enclosure where the animals are kept. It needs to be repaired, cleaned and maintained for the betterment of its occupants namely, deer and ostriches.

Due to ongoing repair works the two species are forced to stay in the same enclosure. Although the enclosed area is huge and can accommodate both bird and mammal, it is not being adequately maintained. There is no shade to protect them from the elements, no trees to shield them from the sun, while the filth and stench are overpowering. Far worse, the occupants have no access to fresh water.

Gunung Lang Park IpohGunung Lang Park Ipoh

Although signboards are aplenty warning visitors not to feed the animals, the pathetic sight prompted many to do otherwise. Visitors are seen feeding them with stale bread, fish pellets (sold at the ticket counter) and other edible items. There are no minders monitoring the animals’ well-being. Other animals, especially the small birds, are more fortunate since their aviaries are located near the jetty where human movements are more pronounced.

Then there is the downside, the lush green expanse attracts wild monkeys from the nearby forest. The primates roam freely in the park and would not hesitate to steal food from visitors. The problem is being compounded by those who feed these ‘freeloaders’ although they are not supposed to.

The deer and ostriches need help, and if nothing is done the probability of them succumbing to disease and malnutrition is great.

Gunung Lang is fast becoming a major attraction in Ipoh. The ‘tidak apa’ attitude, a denigrating Malaysian malaise should be replaced by a more caring stance. After all, these ‘neglected’ animals did not ask to be there in the first place.

Over to you, Ipoh City Council. Don’t let indifference inhibit your decision.

Ili Aqilah

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