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Remy the Musical

The overwhelming response to the musical, “Remy” staged at the Perak Department for Arts and Culture auditorium between May 19 and 21 showed that theatrical plays are still a hit with Ipohites.

All three shows were fully subscribed, leaving many fuming as they could not get a ticket.

Producer Yusop Najmi Othman, said that the play was a fitting tribute to the late Tan Sri P. Ramlee for his contributions to the national art scene.

“The play is an adaptation of the life and tribulations of actor-singer-director extraordinaire P. Ramlee. It tells a tale of romance, happiness and sorrow detailing the artiste’s life journey in the form of a musical.

“The show combines both modern and classical concepts, from an artistic point of view. It focuses on the character in conveying the story. Besides that, we try to recreate the nostalgias of P. Ramlee from his high points in Singapore and his lows in Malaysia,” he said.

The play, lasting one hour and 45 minutes, was directed by Ard Omar. Actor Arja Lee’s impeccable portrayal of the protagonist was much appreciated by his fans.

According to Lee, when he was offered the role of Remy he felt reluctant but acceded knowing it would be a real challenge.

“After reading the script, I felt no difficulty in portraying the character of Remy. I am impressed by this new concept, as it’s an amalgam of both old and new in terms of dialogue and storyline.

“This is my tenth theatrical play but the P. Ramlee musical is my first. I wish to thank my fans for their undying support,” he concluded.

Rosli Mansor

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