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First Indoor Mural Experience

Calling all tourists and locals who are looking for a new attraction in Ipoh, Wisma Chye Hin at 19 Jalan Sultan Idris Shah is offering a new mural-hunting experience, thanks to its interesting murals.

Upon entering the building, visitors will quickly notice all the murals scattered around the area. Most of the murals are painted by local artist, Chin Choon Yau with his talented students and the theme chosen was Ipoh’s Golden Era.

In the five-storey building, each floor will have its very own unique painting. For example, on level three, the focus is on Wisma Chye Hin’s neighbour, Sun Cinema. On this floor, you can see murals of Indiana Jones, John Travolta, James Bond and more.

“When I first arrived at the building, I didn’t expect it to be much. But as my friends and I reached the first floor, we were amazed. Every wall is fully painted with interesting characters and I love how they still kept the original mosaic tiles,” said Afiq Raya, 28, from Chemor who stumbled upon the building while exploring Ipoh old town.

Other murals include, old shops and restaurants in Ipoh, lion dance performance and Chinese opera.

There is no fee charged to enjoy the amazing murals at Wisma Chye Hin. For more information about the building, go to Wisma Chye Hin’s Facebook at

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