May’s Dog Shelter

Wandering with Jack

By Jack Foo

Pet adoption is the process of taking over ownership and responsibility of a pet that a previous owner has abandoned or released to a local shelter. This, however, is not a common practice amongst Ipohites, as yet. Many prefer to buy them from pet shops or acquire them from friends or pick them from the streets.

May, an independent caretaker for homeless dogs, operates a shelter in the vicinity of the tourist hotspot of Concubine Lane, Old Town. She feeds and nourishes these strays through generous donations by passers-by. Her makeshift shelter has an impressive array of dogs for adoption – gratis (free of charge).

“I found these dogs, sickly, un-vaccinated and weak, on the streets. These poor mongrels are in such deplorable conditions either because their owners had abandoned them or they were born in the alleyways,” said May. She had them treated and dewormed with a local veterinarian.

When prompted with a question on the ultimate solution, she responded, “These dogs shouldn’t be abused and abandoned, as so many are killed every day. It’s, therefore, up to us to give them a life they truly deserve. After all, that’s the most humane thing to do.”

For any enquiries, please contact May at 012 511 8212.


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