Econsave to the Fore

Following a coverage in Ipoh Echo about a down-and-out widow of four, Econsave hypermarket Ipoh responded. Household items worth RM1000 were delivered to the lady’s house on July 22.

Present to do the honours was Econsave Operation Manager (Northern 2) Chua Yong. Chua hoped the contributions would help lighten the burden suffered by Ishah who lost her husband three years ago.

“The contribution is part of our Corporate Social Responsibility programme called ‘Econsave Care’ which we initiated five years ago. The programme has helped many unfortunate people, especially the poor, the marginalised and the disabled.

“This is the second time this year. RM5000 has been allotted for this programme. We’re always ready to help anyone, regardless of race or religion,” said Chua to Ipoh Echo when met at Ishah’s house in Kampung Kepayang, Ipoh.

Ishah, 53, expressed her gratitude to Econsave and Ipoh Echo for the timely assistance.

Ishah and her children have been staying in the dilapidated house for more than two years.

She receives RM100 monthly from the state social welfare department and an additional RM350 from the Perak Islamic Religious Council. She works part-time as an office cleaner and gets RM250 a month.

“My combined monthly income of RM700 is barely enough to meet my daily expenses and my children’s school fees,” she lamented.

Readers wishing to help can call Ishah Sampol at 017 541 9957 or visit her at her house at Kampung Kepayang, Fair Park, Ipoh. You can also make a contribution by depositing your money into CIMB saving account No: 76 22 12 53 75. Any form of assistance is appreciated.

Rosli Mansor

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