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22 Hale Street

By Ili Aqilah

While Ipoh Old Town is now overflowing with fusion and western eating establishments, one cafe has set itself apart from the flock, selling local dishes and drinks instead. The new kid on the block and Ipoh’s hottest tourist attraction, 22 Hale Street is offering not only food but also merchandise, a heritage gallery and space for private events.

“We were officially launched on August 31 and decided to provide local food options for tourists and the locals in the area. We are currently running a special lunch promotion where customers can order one of our main dishes together with our dessert for a cheaper price,” said Lim Yi Wen, the Project Executive for the Hale Street Project.

The cafe has several must try menus such as the Nasi Kerabu with Chicken Rendang (RM16.80); rice cooked with butterfly-pea flowers extract together with lemongrass and coconut milk, served with chicken rendang, pickles, salted duck egg and sambal. Yi Wen also recommends the Black Pepper Fried Rice: Fried Rice with coarse ground black pepper, eggs, capsicum and guests can choose to have it either with seafood or chicken – RM14.80.

The cafe also has four noodles on the menu and visitors are welcome to try the Fried Prawn Noodles, a combination between thick vermicelli and thin yellow wheat noodle with prawns, squid, fish cake slices, eggs and bean sprout, RM14.80; the Nyonya Fried Glass Noodle (Tung Hoon), glass noodles with prawn, squid, sliced fish cake and bean sprout stir fried with homemade Nyonya spice paste and served with sambal belacan and fresh lime (RM14.80).

Ipoh’s signature drink, Ipoh White Coffee is also available at the eatery where customers can choose to have White Coffee (black coffee, condensed milk and evaporated milk), White Coffee C (black coffee, evaporated milk and sugar), White Coffee C Kosong (black coffee and evaporated milk), White Coffee O (black coffee and sugar) or White Coffee O Kosong (black coffee). They are served both hot and cold, with prices ranging from RM3.80 to RM4.50 per cup.

Another interesting feature in the cafe has got to be the merchandise sold there because they are made by people with disabilities from Daybreak Society. Among items sold at the cafe are bags, tea-towels, dresses for kids and more. All at incredibly reasonable prices.

The cafe opens everyday (except Monday) from 8am till 5pm. Readers who are interested to know more about 22, Hale Street can do so by visiting their website at, or email at or contact them at 05 241 3991.

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