KinderJoy’s Graduation Night

Over a hundred kids attended the graduation night of Tadika KinderJoy, held on the September 23, along with their proud parents and guardians, who took the time off to celebrate the success of their children.

The fresh graduates of each class – both the Chinese and English medium – were given certificates as they continue their journey into primary school and beyond. KinderJoy too recognised the many achievements of its former students who are now in primary school. These achievers received awards for being the top student in the Forms to Poetry Recitation and Chinese Calligraphy champions.

“Today’s graduation night is a milestone for us. We’ll continue to strive hard for success and to meet any challenges head on,” said Ms Looi Lee Ying, the academic director and principal of the kindergarten. “We cherish your presence here today to celebrate our success.” Present were C.J. Liu, founder and director of KinderJoy and Stephanie Liu, director of KinderJoy Educare Services Sdn Bhd.

The evening continued with an array of dances, each with a different culture and theme, and songs ranging from fairy-tale themes to modern English and Chinese pop genre. The songs included ‘Beauty and the Beast’, ‘What a Wonderful Feeling’, ‘Roar’ and the ‘Chicken Song’ among many others. This was warmly received by the audience who seemed appreciative of their kids’ successes.

The event came to a close with a performance by the school’s choir who sang ABBA’s cover, ‘I Have a Dream’ and the school anthem.

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