Spine-chilling Halloween at Lost World of Tambun (1-31 Oct 2017)

Festivity seekers who are celebrating Halloween can now visit Lost World of Tambun (LWOT) for a massive one-month long Halloween celebration starting October 1 until October 31, that is Halloween day itself.

With the ‘Spooky Halloween’ as a theme this year, visitors of LWOT will be feasted with a special House Of Dolls show that tells the story of Sebastian, a 64-year-old doll-collector who lives alone deep in the woods. One stormy night, a couple, Jack and Audrey, seek shelter in Sebastian’s home after their car breaks down. All is well, with Sebastian playing the perfect host, until Jack begins to insult his dolls, who then come to life, refusing to allow the guests to leave. How does the story unfold and end? Check this out yourself this October!

LWOT has also lined up a variety of fun and games for the whole family including Tic Tac Toe tournament, Witch Broom Hook, Jack O’Scares and many more and winners will be receiving attractive prizes to match.

The Halloween celebration at LWOT will also be completed with Halloween’s must-do, the good ‘ol Trick Or Treat where they have prepared goodies and candies such as Glico’s Pocky and Wrigley’s Eclipse chewy mints for the guests.

“LWOT will certainly take on a carnival atmosphere of sorts this October with something going on in every nook and corner of the parks, with heaps of spooky fun and entertainment for all ages. We are pulling out all the stops for this year, with a few ‘tricks’ up our sleeve to give our visitors a true treat they’ll remember!” said Calvin Ho, the Senior General Manager of Sunway Theme Parks.

For more information on LWOT’s Spooky Halloween: House of Dolls celebration, readers can visit their website at https://sunwaylostworldoftambun.com or call at 05 542 8888.

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