One Million Stars to End Violence!

The “One Million Stars to End Violence” is a community-based project led by the Perak Women for Women (PWW) and Soroptimist International Ipoh in conjunction with the 16 Days of Activism against the global pandemic of Gender-based violence; a problem that truly continues to plague the world even until today.

This special initiative, the first of its kind in Malaysia, will be fronted by a display of over a “Million Stars” made up of folded ribbons, recycled magazines and newspapers. The unique spectacle is believed to symbolise a sense of hope, safety and solidarity to those affected by violence in all its many shapes and sizes.

“We’re not just talking about human or gender-based violence.” said Sumathi Sivamany, President of Soroptimist and Vice President of PWW. “Racism, bullying and issues with crimes are also on the list!”

The project will be showcasing a considerable number of stars, contributed by donors, members of public and board members, in the Heritage Gallery at 22 Hale Street on November 25. Interestingly, this day coincides with the “16 Days of Activism against Gender-based Violence” campaign, an annual event developed by Women’s Global Leadership Institute.

“Making the stars may appear difficult,” remarked Sumathi. “But if you really sit down and fold them, it is something you can be proud of. As long as whoever sits and makes these stars focus on the purpose behind the effort, which is not to accept or tolerate violence in any shape or form, and to bring hope to those who have been violated.”

Making the stars have bonded some families, helped seniors feel useful again, helped hospital patients to take their minds off their illness, and help recycling efforts of papers, ribbons and any other materials which can be used to make stars. “We hope during the whole journey of making the million stars, people will learn a thing or two about violence, abuse, peace, teamwork , commitment and in general to make the world a better place,” added Sumathi.

However, a million stars is a target that is clearly not a numerically inferior value, and will thus require the joint efforts from the public to reach this target. To achieve the goal, the society is offering gathering sessions where anyone and everyone can come and take part in creating these stars! Furthermore, you can also help out by contributing some ribbons and/or coloured papers, which can be dropped off at the PWW Centre at No. 52 Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah, 31400 Ipoh, Perak.

“To see people weave these stars show that there is hope. I hope we will have a million stars by International Women’s Day in March next year.” said Yip Siew Keen, Co-Founder-Secretary of PWW.

For more information, please contact them at 012 508 2480 or 012 588 2313. You can also visit their Facebook page at

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