Looking for Long-lost Family

I am writing from Perth, Australia. My family is originally from Ipoh and I was wondering if you can help me locate the following:

1st story:

We are searching for four sisters: Sim Eng, Sim Onn, Sim Lian and Ah noi Yoong. When east and west Malaysia became one in 1963, half of the Yoong family went to the new frontier which in Sabah, more specifically we know that they relocated to Jesselton. 1963 is the year my father last saw his four aunties above and cousins. We know that one sister married a Chinese named Lim Eng Hock who was a bank manager for a chartered bank in Telok Anson, Perak, then moved to Sabah. They had 10 children: Ah Pek, Ah Kim/Elizabeth, Bambi and Spanky – my dad forgot the rest of the names. Of course they are nicknames, but this family was renowned for being a tall, lanky chinese family, Bambi and Spanky (boys) became well known models in Europe. There has been no contact since 1963.

2nd story:

I am looking for anyone that knows: Philip Aloysius Yoong born on the 26th May 1905, Port Weld. This story is important because he left behind a 6-year-old, my now 80-year-old uncle. Philip was attacked by the Chinese communist in 1945 in Pusing, his body was left on the side of the road. From records, I know that he played for the Perak football team (circa 1929-1933), travelled all over SE Asia as a footballer player and had many games in Singapore and graduated as a sanitary inspector in Singapore on February 8, 1933, from the Royal Sanitary Institute, London. He also went to St George’s Institution, Taiping as a child. Anyone that knew him as a football player, a student at St George’s Institution, or just as friend, or enemy, or just knows something about the last moments of his life, please urge them to come forward.

3rd story:

We are looking for descendants of Bartholomew and Serofina Yoong from Ipoh, we have found four lines, but are looking for:
Yoon Kong, Yoon Foh, Yoon Kee. From records we know that Yoon Kong worked for the Straits commercial Co Ltd, Singapore and was part of the Penang Chinese Union. Yoon Kong died in May 26, 1927, Penang: from records it does look like all the brothers attended his funeral. He may have been a towkay, but this is not confirmed. If anyone knows their descendants please urge them to come forward.

Perth, Australia
Email: mummymoo1984@hotmail.com
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