Workers in the Pink over New Scooter Scheme

Leading medical device facility ITL BioMedical in Ipoh Malaysia a leading medical device company based in the Batu Gajah’s Bemban Industrial Estate in Perak, has presented 19 new, pink Yamaha scooters to its employees as part of a unique human resources initiative – the brainchild of ITL Health Group founder and executive chairman Bill Mobbs.

Formed in 1996, ITL BioMedical has 280 employees with 110 staff on the production floor – 95% of whom are female workers.


The presentation of scooters to employees at the facility’s Bemban Industrial Estate is designed to recognise and retain the company’s mainly female manufacturing work-force and give employees greater independence in their daily lives, according to ITL BioMedical general manager Craig Wilson.

“We train our staff extensively at ITL BioMedical, so keeping them with us for as long as possible is very important to us.  Another benefit of the scooter scheme is that it allows our employees to be more independent. While we have a bus service that picks up and drops off our workers, the rest of the time they might not have access to transport. The new scooters mean they have transport for themselves and their family to have the freedom to travel independently outside of work.”

Mr Wilson said the idea around the HR initiative is for ITL BioMedical employees to own their scooters.

The scooters will become the personal property of each employee after three years of continuous service with ITL BioMedical.

Employees sign up to a contract with ITL BioMedical, which finances each scooter. The employees pay 1000 Ringgit over three years for a scooter that is essentially worth 6000 Ringgit.

The scheme will be fully rolled out over the next few years. Nineteen scooters were presented to employees at the scheme’s initial launch in November. Up to 20 additional scooters will be released every quarter during the year with more than 100 scooters offered to employees as part of the overall scheme.

Every person who rides a scooter will be required to be licensed. We are currently looking at the next group of recipients to ensure they will all be licensed in time for the handover. The company is going to pay for that instruction cost (about 400 Ringgit) where it is needed. That’s the way we will move forward.

“Over time, this scheme will be extended so that we offer new scooters to other employees to replace their existing ones,” Mr Wilson said. “We are confident that our scooter scheme will help to retain and attract highly-skilled workers to our ITL BioMedical facility in Ipoh.”

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