A Club for Oldies

Most would assume that the older you get, the less active and energetic you become. However, this is not the case with the humble folks at the Senior Citizens Club of Perak, which has over 300 members, ranging in age between 50 and 92 years old.

The club organised its 40th anniversary dinner and dance at T.S. VIP Restaurant (Heritage Hotel) on Friday, December 1. There to enjoy the fun were Wong Kah Woh, Perak DAP Youth Chief and Lee, a 92-year-old retiree and Hash House Harrier member who considers mountain climbing and running as his hobbies.

Entertainment included a fine platter of dances and musical renditions by the club’s own band, “The Merry Makers”. The outfit rendered oldies such as “Enjoy Yourself” by Guy Lombardo and “One Day When We Were Young” by Richard Tauber.

“Tonight you’ll see how active and positive living help our members to maintain their youthful vigour,” said Soh Kim Yew, president of the club. “The generous financial donations and moral support from various individuals and charities come in handy. I wish to express my sincere gratitude and appreciation to them,” he added.

Among the donors were the Sultan Azlan Shah Foundation, Estate of Gertrude Kathiagasu and the Perak Welfare Department.

R. Jeyarajah, a retired enforcement officer said, “The club helps senior citizens by organising activities like outings, karaoke sessions, dancing and exercise. We never get bored.”

The dinner defined the extent by which one can be called an “elderly” when clearly they are still very young at heart displaying feats of youthfulness and grit reminiscent of prom nights back in the good old days.

“The club was formed with the intention of providing an avenue for senior members to socialise and partake in healthy and meaningful pursuits,” said Soh Kim Yew. He insisted that with regular physical and mental stimulation, the onset of age-related diseases, such as dementia and depression, can be prevented.

Oldies wishing to enrol as members of the club can do so by calling 05 547 0387.

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