Master Hai Tao Visits Ipoh

Hallmark Memorial Ipoh had the opportunity to host Master Hai Tao, a well-recognised figure in the Buddhist and Taoist community, who flew from Taiwan for the second time to conduct prayers and blessings for enlightenment of departed souls, life liberation, light and food offerings.

Master Hai Tao has a whole spectrum’s worth of experience under his wing, being the abbot for several temples such as the Keelung Fayan Buddhist Temple and the Kaohsiung Compassion Bodhimanda, amongst many others.

“To believe in the law of cause” said Master Hai Tao, “and effect one’s fate is determined by one’s mindset and behaviour.” In Buddhism, cause and effect refers to the Laws of Karma where every volitional act could result in a consequence – good or bad.

Master Hai Tao continued to share some Dharma teachings, which is said to be an eternal law of the cosmos, on the meaning of the ceremony and how to develop wisdom and bring compassion for other people and oneself.

“Deeds like killing, lying and consuming alcohol will create suffering in next life and sickness in present,” he said.

For more information, please contact Hallmark Memorial at 05 253 3288.

Jack Foo

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