Connecting with Nature

Lions Club of Ipoh Host, in collaboration with Lost World of Tambun, organised a Paediatrics Cancer Awareness Programme on Saturday, January 20.

Aimed at connecting children with nature and to provide them some outdoor experience, a total of 20 patients partook in the event. They visited Ipoh’s only theme park, the Lost World of Tambun.

It was an enjoyable weekend for the children and their family members despite suffering from terminal illnesses.

Club president Emily Kong said the theme park was chosen as the venue to help the children release their stress via interaction with nature, after spending time in hospital wards.

“It’s magic. They forget about their illness once they’re in the park. It’s laughter and merriment all the way.

“We empathise with them. We want to see them grow up as happy as other healthy children,” said Emily to Ipoh Echo.

Cancer patient, Mohd Khairul Amin Khairi Karim, 17, said he never had so much fun in his life.

“I forgot completely about the gland cancer I’ve been battling for the past three years. This is a very exciting activity. I feel an urge in me to overcome this disease one day,” he said. Mohd Khairul has undergone chemotherapy session six times.

Rozimah Mohd Yunus, 40, said her son, Mohd Razin Mazlan, 4, was so excited when he was informed about the programme.

“My son was diagnosed with leukaemia when he was a year old. I was pleased to see him playing with animals in the petting zoo. Although he’s unaware of his condition, it’s good to see him happy, for a brief moment,” she remarked.

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