Restricted Parking Zones

Nowadays, many commercial areas are situated right beside housing estates, but the sad part is, these areas are now designated as restricted parking zones.

I am a frequent shopper at the commercial areas at Silibin and Taman Pertama. I just drop by to purchase my essential goods for my daily consumption. All is completed within four to six minutes, but I am issued a summons by the Ipoh City Council for parking my car at the parking bay. Doesn’t it sound ridiculous?

I find it very unreasonable of the council to convert commercial areas nearby residential areas as a restricted parking area. As it pays to be frugal, and living costs aren’t going down anytime soon, is it fair for a pensioner who needs to purchase a piece of pineapple which costs him RM1.80, while he has to fork out RM20 for parking?

Councillors of these respective zones, please take note and raise these shortcomings in your monthly city council meetings.

S. Sundralingam

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