Election Do’s and Don’ts

The long-awaited General Elections 14 (GE 14) is scheduled for Wednesday, May 9. Here are five things you need to consider before and after polling day.

1. Check your voter status and polling station. Three ways to check:

a. MySPR Semak App:

Election Commission (EC) has created an application that can be downloaded from your smartphone (Android and iOS). It allows voter to check on their status and polling station. It too provides access to candidates’ list and election results.

b. Election Commission of Malaysia Website:

You can check your status via EC website:

c. SMS Check:

You can also check via sms.

Send “SPR SEMAK to 15888.

Eg: SPR SEMAK 950101081234

2. Don’t wear clothes or any accessories with your favourite party’s logo.

Don’t wear anything with name of candidate or emblem or symbol of any political party.

3. Don’t accept food or drinks from strangers.

Although it might seem hard to deny food and drinks, especially when the queue is long, don’t accept these from anyone.

4. Don’t take ballot papers out or in polling stations.

No voter can leave the polling station with a ballot paper in hand, regardless if it’s an extra, used, unused or empty ballot paper. Return paper to the Election Officer.

5. Don’t loiter around polling area after casting vote.

Leave the polling station as soon as you are done with your voting. If you have to wait for someone, wait at least 50m away from the station.

You can come with your friends and family members to vote but attempts to rendezvous with them after casting your votes should be done at least 50m away from the polling station.

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